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Course Name: Hifzul Qura'n
Days: Monday to Friday
Time: 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Age: Children age 5 and over
Tuition Fee: £100 (per month)
Admission Fee: £20
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Hafiz Maulana Salman Ahmed

Head Teacher
0746 256 6114

Learning Objectives:

    Al Qura'n

    Teaching how to read, write and memorisation.

    Al Hadith

    Teachings, practices and memorisation with meaning.


    Correct pronounciation and rules of reciting.


    Understanding of the rules of Islam.


    Teaching of good manners based upon the Sunnah.


    History of the prophets and their companions.


    The Memorisation of daily and essential duas.

    Arabic language

    Reading, Writing, Listening and spoken Arabic.

    Mother language

    Reading, Writing, Listening and spoken Bangla.